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Raption 50 DC fast charger uses a modular design to maximize uptime

Barcelona-based charger manufacturer Circontrol presented its new Raption 50 DC quick charging station at the recent EVS30 exhibition in Stuttgart.

The Raption 50 series is designed to maximize its uptime and availability for users, thanks to its modular design, which features four individual power packs that deliver 12.5 kW each. If one power pack fails, the Raption 50 continues charging at a lower output by drawing power from the functioning packs. The modular design is also scalable, so if a local power network does not support rapid charging, or if a user only needs to draw 25 kW of power, the unit can adjust the supply.

The new unit completes an 80% charge in 30 minutes, and can simultaneously charge two EVs at 50 kW DC and 43 kW AC.

Smaller and slimmer than its predecessors, the new Raption 50 series is designed to be robust and durable while presenting a sophisticated appearance suitable for the most stylish urban areas. Circontrol designed the new Raption 50 with feedback from customers in mind. It includes an 8-inch touchscreen with multiple language options and a built-in light for better night visibility. The secure charging connector holsters can only be unlocked with a verified RFID card, reducing damage to the equipment. It emits no audible high-frequency noise, and the height of the connectors and display has been adapted to better serve disabled users.


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